The Festivities Continue

After a blissful night at the Covina Fairfield Inn and Suites, we drove up the road to Bob Hope’s favorite airport and boarded an 8am flight to Oakland. IMG_20141219_074210

Upon arrival we headed to  Union City, and drove up DeMolay Drive20141219_105513 to the Masonic Homes,

where Russ and the other Exec Board members went into session, and I unpacked our toiletries and a fresh pair of socks at the Event Center.  I set up my “nest” as it was becoming (a sweet loveseat in the Master bedroom where I can put my computer and knitting out and see the view and the tv!  Napping in the loveseat-adjacent bed is also a much appreciated feature.)

After their meeting, we all gathered for the holiday party!  We met in the downstairs dining room for cocktails and what are always the best of hugs from residents and staff, and then to help Santa Claus hand out gifts to residents in the memory care portion of the skilled nursing wing.  (Truth be told, that is the highlight of the evening…these residents are so amazing, and the fun of giving them gifts and listening to them talk about their memories they still retain is so moving.)


The dining room upstairs is always decked out in its finest, and this year was no exception.  The winter theme with pinecones and blue and white accents was smashing!  Our dinner company was the best…we are always so excited to see who we will be honored to sit with and are never disappointed.  The stories and the histories we are treated to are enthralling and we love hearing how the residents like to tease the staff, especially John!


We were at lucky table 13, and the residents were very polite listening to Russ deliver the holiday greetings from the Masons of California.  The Grand Lodge Officers are then given the privilege of handing out gifts from the home to the residents, and this year it as …(drum roll)!  Yay!, they loved it and nobody complained it was the wrong color or size!

We received very nice gifts from Gary and the homes, but the best gift of all is the love we feel when we are there!

2014-12-19 20.22.002014-12-19 20.20.392014-12-19 20.20.502014-12-19 17.13.392014-12-19 18.04.012014-12-19 18.09.352014-12-19 18.56.40

We were well entertained with some lovely holiday music…

and as always, I tried my best to maintain a dignified aura of elegance.  Whatever.

2014-12-19 20.22.08

Dinner culminated in the yummy and fancy desserts presented in the most elegant way…and then more hugs and greetings before everyone wandered away to our appointed lodging.


Always such a special evening, and always so proud to be part of an organization that provides so finely for such fine folks.

miles 379 total mileage 110,179



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